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Melitta Wessels
Port Elizabeth

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Melitta Wessels Melitta is a qualified nurse and midwife. For the past 25 years she has been involved in teaching, training and advising people in mental, spiritual and personal growth.

She completed her medical training in 1978 and continued with a post graduate degree in Industrial Medicine.
She worked in this capacity for 3 years. The job involved more personal motivation of staff members than nursing duties.

Her involvement in social up-liftment of factory workers resulted in her working closely with doctors, social workers, medical aids and human resources.

This environment brought her to the realization that she needed to pursue her interest in the treatment of the whole person and other complimentary health options.

She studied for the next 6 years while working for World Book as a regional manager. This gave her valuable experience in human behaviour and commerce.

In 1982 she qualified as an aromatherapist.

She continued to study while running a successful therapy clinic.
- F.A.M.S.A counselling course 1981
- Advanced first aid course completed 1981
- Auric Healing course in 1983.
- Bach flower remedy adviser in 1984
- Qualified as a Psycho Neuro- immunology facilitator in 1987.

Melitta was introduced to the Enneagram in 1990 and completed her Enneagram teacher’s course in 2002. She is one of the founder members of the Enneagram Association of S.A. The members continue to grow and develop the Enneagram and its teachings. She like all the members are committed to the promotion and ethics of the Enneagram Association and Enneagram Education her alumni.

Since then she has facilitated and developed various modules. She has been involved in team building in small to medium businesses. The courses run on a continuous basis throughout the year. Melitta teaches morning and evening classes from her studio.

She has found that the interest in the Enneagram and its teachings are becoming more popular and serves varied communities. Her passion is teenagers and businesses to which she devotes most of her time.


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Marlene Wilson
Cape Town

Office : +27 21 783 0850
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Skype : mgm-wilson
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Marlene Wilson Marlene has devoted many of her years to the caring of others, working extensively from the heart. She pursued a nursing career in community nursing, midwifery, psychiatry and cardiac cath lab, displaying a tremendous sense of caring and nurturing for her patients.

Marlene's eagerness to help others would lead her to study and qualify as a much sought after Enneagram Teacher and Journey Practitioner. Her caring spirit and expert listening ability mixed with no frills straight talk, heaps of pizazz and a wicked sense of humour has created a reputation that people love, receiving phenomenal guidance with a lot of fun thrown in along the way!

If you keep doing what you are doing, you are going to land up where you are headed. To find a better space in life will require a change of direction! When you have the privilege of meeting up with Marlene, you are going to learn all about “The Finger” – what it does and where it belongs!

Enjoy the trip with her!

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